3 music videos | interview | live show

I was given the opportunity to direct a complete campaign for the new album of singer and former football star Adesse.

We shot 3 music videos in only 1,5 days, did an extensive choreographed interview and even tacked on the coverage his complete live show at Volksbühne in Berlin.


paint dripping | live performance | slowmotion

We were tasked with making it rain colors to Adesse’s track “Wasserfarben”. Therefore we built a custom system of pipes and splashed a lot of color onto him. Unfortunately we had to clean up afterwards.

Ich bleibe

paper-maché world | analog vfx

The idea for Adesse’s track “Ich bleibe” was to let him walk through an entire year with the seasons changing on camera.

So we created a world made of paper, let the weather change by hand and even visibly incorporated how all the effects were made. What a journey.


beamer projections | smoke

“Chaos” is kind of self-explanatory. His world is shaken by smoke and beamer projections flickering about.

Small and beautiful.